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Setting the family's mission, vision and values.  Creating a framework, code of conduct and governance strategy and documenting these in a family constitution to serve as a guide for current and future generations to work together in harmony and build on the family legacy.


Formulating the family's wealth succession strategy to prepare for the unexpected, and ensure the orderly transfer of assets to the next and future generations. Guiding the family in the implementation of the strategy and acting as the family's trusted advisor and protector.    


Educating family members on their roles within the family's succession and governance framework.  Mentoring and coaching next generation family members on their career development, life goals and personal growth.



Family Succession Advisors was established to assist families in navigating the complexities arising from the ownership, management and succession of family businesses. 

We will help your family obtain clarity of your long-term goals for your businesses and aspirations for your family members, and work with you to establish a governance framework and roadmap to achieve these goals.  This process ensures that the expectations of the current generation of business owners are clearly communicated to the next generations, thus maintaining family harmony and minimizing conflict, frustration and mistrust amongst family members.

With our experience in structuring and managing wealth succession solutions for ultra-high net worth families, we will provide an unbiased review of your existing arrangements. 

For families who have yet to put a succession strategy in place, we will help to demystify the process and guide your family in working with your tax and legal counsel and service providers in the implementation of your desired solutions.

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